We care about one thing - your absolute comfort.

Starting in 2017, Threads & Mortar began by offering our customers basic clothing subscription boxes which were a huge hit!

But after several years of the subscription box, and listening to the feedback of our loyal customers, we saw that our underwear was by far our most popular product.

Because of this, we are now all-in on focusing 100% of our effort on these best selling undies. Who would’ve thought it’d be the undies that take off (or keep on)?!

Over time we’ve perfected our design to suit everybody, no matter your shape or size, so you not only look great, but feel fresh and confident.

When you feel good, you feel like you can do anything, so go for it!

You will still see our tees pop-up on the website as a limited edition sale from time to time… They are just as good quality as our undies so make sure you keep an eye out!